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Strategy. Execution. Transparency.

Your audience is waiting for you — thumbing smartphones, flipping through magazines, walking through airports, watching TV. We connect you to that audience with customized targeting backed by market research and industry expertise.

Our proprietary media process is integrated and seamless. We specialize in a start-to-finish approach that begins with research and ends with transparency. You’ll know where every dollar was spent and each audience reached. And the end results are measurable — the impact of an integrated approach that reaches people on the move whether they are mobile users, magazine readers, TV viewers or online shoppers — each reached at their most receptive point. Our services tackle every part of this process, leaving no detail passed over.

EXL Media offers:

“EXL Media is the most comprehensive media company Creative Mint has worked with. They understand how to work with creative agencies and is our strongest ally and partner to delivering effective campaigns for our clients.”

Calvin Jung
Founder, Owner, Group Creative Director
Creative Mint