Media Strategy, Execution, and Transparency

Your audience is waiting for you — thumbing smartphones, consuming published content, driving the roadways,  shopping online, watching TV…EXL Media connects you to that audience with customized targeting backed by market research and industry expertise.


Our proprietary media process is integrated and seamless, and our start-to-finish approach begins with research and ends with transparency. You’ll know where every dollar was spent, which audience was reached, and how that translates into results.

Strategic Media

How We Navigate: Strategic Media Planning that Pays Off


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EXL Media helps you define, understand and reach your audience, no matter how diverse.

Strategic Media Planning

Plotting the course of your campaign is the critical first step to success. 

Our discovery phase enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your advertising goals, products and services, target audiences and markets. It also helps us identify KPIs and opportunities to increase your ROI. Some of the questions we’ll explore include:

  • What are your overall business and campaign goals?
  • Who are your key audiences and what is your message?
  • Which media audiences will mirror your target audience? What’s the media audience usage versus advertising opportunities?
  • Which medium(s) will more efficiently reach your target market(s)? Does the media selection fit within your budget?
  • Which media mix will deliver your message at each stage of the consumer purchase decision path?
  • Which media will best align with the brand and creative messaging?

Have an existing media plan? We’ll analyze it for you and identify any areas where adjustments can be made to improve results.

Our industry expertise and insider strategies enable us to develop effective plans that deliver real results.

Since inception, EXL Media has utilized data from trusted market and media research resources to guide the planning process. This includes subscription-based services and partnerships with:

media buying

Media buying in an ever-changing world takes scrutiny, creativity and constant evaluation —as well as staunch negotiation skills and buying power. 

EXL knows how to buy the most efficient media for clients to meet their goals and stay on brand—as well as budget.

Just some of the items on our media buying checklist:

  • Supports the brand and creative direction, including related editorial or content
  • The right audience composition, market index and vertical reach
  • Digital viewability, fraud detection, premium content and transparency
  • Costs appropriate for return on investment
  • Opportunities for added value and premium placements
  • Timely tracking and reporting to drive results

Digital Media Solutions and Services

Digital Savvy. Real Results.

Digital continues to be a complex world, fractured into multiple channels and crossing over into all facets of advertising. To wring the most value out of your digital buys, you need to deeply understand this shifting landscape. Since 1996, EXL Media has developed and executed effective digital media campaigns, with the results to prove it. Whether you’re seeking brand awareness, engagement, consideration, conversion, ROI or any combination, we can provide the right media approach to help make it happen. EXL Media’s digital services and capabilities:

  • Paid Search Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Programmatic/Display
  • Content Marketing
  • AI Solutions
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Digital Audio
  • Website Tag Implementation & Management 
  • Website Analytics

Broadcast/Streaming Media: Visual and Audio

Audiences consume more video and audio than ever before, and EXL understands the importance of captivating them with content that’s always in motion.

  • Strategic planning expertise to leverage channel agnostic approaches that reach both broadcast and digital audiences in one cohesive campaign
  • Ensuring broadcast messaging that inspires audiences to take action
  • Buying tools to effectively reach your audiences across platforms via multiple devices concurrently


Out-Of-Home advertising targets consumers when they are on the move in public places, with messaging on billboards, digital displays, transit, street furniture, cinema, place-based and other media.

  • Buys are maximized using industry trusted tools for accurate auditing inventory, planning and measuring
  • EXL Media personally visits the proposed locations before placing buys to ensure quality mediums
  • Powerful subscription resources help measure and analyze audience location and show how consumers engage with Out-Of-Home advertising
  • Your message is delivered through a perfect fleet of locations, from airport terminals, conference centers, road-side billboard or more


Like other advertising mediums, print has evolved—and it’s a bigger publishing world than ever before. Audiences are subscribing to published content on both digital and printed platforms to enjoy the writers, editors and photographers who share the same passion for specific subject matter.

  • We align your brand with your target audience within the content they consume.
  • EXL Media vets each publisher for audience reach, subscriber profiles and relative content. We then formulate integrated buys that may include print, digital or sponsored content.

Performance Measurement

Powerful Performance. True Transparency. 

At EXL Media, we believe in providing radical transparency, serving up straightforward numbers and pushing hard toward performance goals. Using the industry’s leading monitoring and analytics tools, we continually analyze and optimize your advertising campaign and drill down to KPIs that matter to you.

Website Analytics and Dashboard Development. 

Tracking the success of your buys through analytics is something we take seriously.  We work closely with you to build custom reports and dashboards to measure your advertising effectiveness.


Your Full Service Media Agency.

EXL Media will not only steer your campaigns in the right direction, we provide support from start-to-finish or à la carte, depending on your needs. Below are just a few of the additional services our clients and agency partners can access:

  • Past Performance Audit – Already have a media plan and results tracking? Great! We’re happy to review the information and identify any opportunities to improve your ROI
  • Budget Forecasting and Allocation – If you’re developing your marketing or advertising budget, we can help provide accurate numbers and projections for anticipated media expenses
  • Media Analysis (Tone, Messaging, Audience Reach) – We can review using our industry tools and expertise
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Consumer Profiling and Personas
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Campaign Dashboard Development and Management
  • Consultation
  • Customized Promotion or Sponsorship Development, Implementation and Management
  • Creative Services

“EXL Media is one of the most efficient agencies I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve been in marketing for 21 years. I’d highly recommend them to anybody – they’re a class-act agency.”


CMO | O’Neill Vintners and Distillers