EXL Media continues to stay abreast of market trends and listening habits to best serve our client’s needs. Based on the research below, EXL Media offers the following insights when considering audio/radio as part of your media channel campaign mix. 

Supportive Research and Findings

Share of Ear
Americans’ 13+ Share of Time Spent Listening to Audio Sources

Research from eMarketer and Edison Research show that AM/FM radio is still the leading audio source.  

Based on research done by eMarketer, broadcast radio is on track to see double-digit revenue growth in 2021. The pandemic led advertisers to pull back in 2020 but research shows that traditional ad spending is heading for the fastest growth rate since eMarketer began tracking the metric globally ten years ago.  A 12% increase in U.S. radio ad spending is expected and analysts do not expect the recovery to a be a one-year phenomenon.  

eMarketer forecasting analyst Peter Vahle is quoted as saying; “I know a lot of people that pretend that traditional radio doesn’t exist or is a thing of the past, but it is very much alive and well and most Americans listen to traditional radio frequently.” His prediction is that broadcast radio will remain the most listened-to audio format for the foreseeable future.