Like a body of water, media is in perpetual motion.

At EXL Media, we help you leverage the complex currents of today’s media planning and buying.

Media Strategy,
Buying and

Traditional and digital media have converged.

Although buying media has become increasingly complex, with more data and channel options, there have never been more opportunities to effectively reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. For more than 20 years, our crew has used deep industry insights and analytics to identify optimal media strategies to meet your business goals—while showing a real return on your advertising and marketing initiatives. Most importantly, we’re committed to full transparency, so that you are confident in how your media dollars are spent.


Your audience is waiting for you — thumbing smartphones, consuming published content, driving the roadways,  shopping online, watching TV… EXL Media connects you to that audience with customized targeting backed by market research and industry expertise.

“EXL Media is a valued media partner.  They not only have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both traditional and digital media but also understand our business and the outdoor/recreational space.  They are a hard-working, dedicated and very detail-oriented group of people who take pride in their work and have the ROI to back it all up.”

Tracy Chang
VP-Digital Marketing
Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows


Our Brand Promise

We promise you an experience that is strategic, transparent, integrated and results driven. Our goal is to offer the latest research and media technology and invest media dollars effectively and efficiently so each client gets the desired results they are looking for with EXL Media.

Industry and Agency Currents

Media Planning

Millennials are Turning 40

What does turning 40 mean? Millennials are entering middle age.  They have graduated college, many with great debt.  They are entering the work force, starting

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upscale restaurant media campaign
Case Study

Upscale Restaurant Group

The strategies for this upscale restaurant awareness campaign included a mix of hyper local affluent media buys targeted to residents and leisure/business travelers (when appropriate).

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