EXL Media has access to industry tools and resources that enable you to clearly see how your campaigns are planned, coordinated and measured. The following examples highlight the data and other information that we dive into deeply as we develop your campaigns.

Digital Media

New Google Ads Policy

Google Ads announced that effective June 30, 2022, adding or editing standard expanded text listings in the platform will no longer be available.  Responsive search

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Share of Ear
Broadcast Media

Radio Forecasting

EXL Media continues to stay abreast of market trends and listening habits to best serve our client’s needs. Based on the research below, EXL Media

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Media Planning

Millennials are Turning 40

What does turning 40 mean? Millennials are entering middle age.  They have graduated college, many with great debt.  They are entering the work force, starting

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“EXL Media is a valued media partner. They not only have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both traditional and digital media but also understand our business and the outdoor/recreational space. They are a hard-working, dedicated and very detail-oriented group of people who take pride in their work and have the ROI to back it all up.”

calvin jung

Founder-Owner-Group Creative Director | Creative Mint