As we live in an ever-changing world, Google wants to make things easier for us (and you!) to connect with your customers online. Looking at current trends during the pandemic, it’s no surprise that people are changing the way they shop. For example, global searches for “curbside pickup” has grown by over 3,000% year over year. As people are looking for ways to stay active, daily views for equipment and home exercise have quadrupled on Google. In addition, new topics are being searched that haven’t been in the past such as “quarantine dating” which took off in March. Over the next few months, Google will be beta testing new features to accelerate digital growth to generate even more business.  EXL Media will be staying abreast of these three upcoming new features: 

  1. Insights
  2. Automation (including addition of Connected TV)
  3. Measurement

Insights will allow us to stay ahead of consumer and behavior trends.  It will include custom insights, audience forecasting, competitive insights and current search demands for the products and services that are relevant to your business.  Google continues to invest in machine learning technology and automation by developing a new feature called “Performance Max Campaigns”.  Utilizing this feature, we will be able to target your most valuable customers across channels to drive conversions and revenue beyond search.  This will help increase online sales, new customer acquisition, lead generation and offline sales. There will be more in store in the future in regard to new Google features, so stay tuned …