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Today’s media planning and buying requires expertise and a media agnostic approach to understand and stay on top of trends, tools and technologies. EXL Media has decades of experience in planning, negotiating, tracking, analyzing and adjusting campaigns through all media channels, including digital, broadcast, out-of-home, and print. We’re passionate about helping create effective campaigns by leveraging industry data and tools, and providing timely performance measurements that keep you in control of your budget, timelines and deliverables.

Experienced Media Strategists

EXL Media specializes in helping both companies and agencies leverage the ongoing convergence of media channels, going against the current to continuously negotiate fair pricing, wider reach and more precise targeting. When you choose EXL Media, you get:

  • Dedicated media experts who are passionate about getting you the best return on every advertising dollar spent
  • Resources to better orchestrate, coordinate and measure advertising, marketing and communications campaigns
  • Access to support and specialists for creative, branding, web design, SEO, research, creative, PR and other services through our partnerships with trusted boutique third-party agencies and consultants

Meet the Crew

Experience runs deep at EXL Media. Our digital visionaries, broadcast scholars, out-of-home connoisseurs have the experience and knowledge to make your campaigns effective. And our vision keeps us pushing innovation that masters the waves of media change. Our crew works closely with client and agency partners by using specialized tools and data to orchestrate, coordinate, and measure results-driven campaigns.

What Moves Me

I thrive on dancing to live music, and preparing great meals with fresh produce and robust spices. Plus, biking, swimming, kayaking and skiing in the great outdoors at Lake Tahoe.

Wendy Hummer

Founder and Owner

Industry Trends I'm Watching

I’m entrenched in the out-of-home industry and how it’s proactively adapted to the evolving world of media. The planning and buying platform is more robust than ever, allowing us to select inventory targeted to specific audiences, and then retarget them with mobile platforms while accurately measuring advertising impact.

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775.832.0202 ext. 101

What Moves Me

I am passionate about travel, being a “sports mom” and working out on my Peloton. And I love Halloween!

Jennifer Martinez

Digital Media Strategist

Industry Trends I'm Watching

The ongoing convergence of digital and traditional media with CTV, podcasts, streaming radio etc. Also, how AI-based technology and automation will continue moving to the forefront, allowing us to analyze, apply and learn from more data than ever before.

Years at EXL Media: 12

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What Moves Me

Living in the Lake Tahoe area. I’m so grateful for being able to enjoy this beautiful year-round playground with activities like skiing, hiking and paddle boarding.

Susanna Bunker

Digital Media Strategist

Industry Trends I'm Watching

AI and voice search technologies are evolving into greater potential for reaching the right target audiences with the right messages at the right time. And with even more information accessible through these digital programs, we can continue our focus on delivering results using a data driven approach.

Years at EXL Media: 16

email susanna

775.832.0202 ext. 100

What Moves Me

Time with family and friends, weekends at the lake, and listening to live music. I love football (both NFL and College) and managing my fantasy football team!

Jackie McKay

Digital, Outdoor and Broadcast Media Strategist

Industry Trends I'm Watching

How OTT/CTV changes the broadcast industry, and specifically the impact it has on cable television from a buying standpoint as well as consumer cost. I am also interested in how Netflix-type formats, with entire seasons released at once and consumers “binge-watching,” will impact networks and how they evolve their own advertising options.

Years at EXL Media: 14

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What Moves Me

In both my personal and professional life I enjoy setting goals, then developing strategies and plans to meet them. Problem solving is a passion, even after 30 years in the industry, I love that no two days are ever the same.

Lisa Baggio

Broadcast Media Strategist

Industry Trends I'm Watching

I’ve watched broadcast media evolve over three decades, and the more recent evolution from linear to digital audio and video is exciting for me. Because I’m results oriented, the ability to leverage both scheduled and on-demand media provides more resources in my media planning toolbox.

Years at EXL Media: 20

email lisa

775.832.0202 ext. 103

What Moves Me

Developing lasting friendships with clients, business partners, and my co-workers. And weekend getaways with my daughter to enjoy some “girls’ time”.

Marlo Patterson

Broadcast Media Strategist

Industry Trends I'm Watching

The expansion of broadcast into scheduled and on-demand has opened up so many more options for fine-tuning campaigns and maximizing advertising dollars. I especially like how television and radio campaigns are now inclusive of the digital space, using SVOD and OTT services to broaden the reach of each campaign.

Years at EXL Media: 16

email marlo

775.832.0202 ext. 104

What Moves Me

The opportunity to travel and explore new places, while meeting new people. I love looking at the world from different angles and points of view.

Kami Tersini

Digital Media Strategist

Industry Trends I'm Watching

The ever-evolving landscape of social media is what excites me about the future of social advertising, because the format is continually changing based on how users are consuming it. Watching new platforms emerge and evaluating their advertising opportunities is something I love keeping up on.

Years at EXL Media: 4

email kami

775.832.0202 ext. 107

What Moves Me

I love being active and enjoying the outdoors, especially while snowboarding, skateboarding and jogging. For winding down, I turn to audio books and podcasts, and the guilty pleasure of occasional TV binge watching.

Aera Neumann

Officer Manager

Industry Trends I'm Watching

Opportunities to reach the right audiences are constantly expanding and evolving in social media platforms, and mediums such as podcasts with their growing listener base are also showing greater potential in reaching niche audiences. At the same time, out-of-home advertising continues to be a strong medium, especially when strategically placed within a solid media plan. 

Years at EXL Media: 25

email aera

775.832.0202 ext. 102

Caring. EXL Media Style.

We encourage our staff to direct company charitable donations, making sure each dollar goes to causes our entire team is passionate about. We care about our community and donate our money where it matters, investing in the community and causes we love.

Charities our staff has chosen to donate to in the past 5 years include:

American Thyroid Association

Animal Ark

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of North Lake Tahoe

Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe


Bridgit Davis Memorial Fund

Food Bank of Northern Nevada


Joe Zuickes Memorial Fund

Mental Health America


National MS Society


North Valley Community Foundation (Paradise Fire)

Renown Health – COVID 19 Healthcare Workers Greatest Needs Fund


Sierra Avalanche Center

The Trevor Project


Wylie Animal Rescue Fund/Tahoe Vista Animal Shelter

“Their project management is top-notch. They’re agile because they have a small team. I don’t have to wait a long time to get an answer or resolution. When I ask to initiate a new project, they’re right on it. My main contact is extremely responsive and always has an answer; which is astonishing to me given how quickly the digital marketing world changes. I couldn’t do my work effectively without their good communication and edgy advice. I completely trust my decision to work with them.”

Candiece Milford
Managing Director of Marketing
Rhoda Goldman Plaza

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