Advertising on Snapchat is a great way to get in front of Millennials and Gen Z.

Our EXL Media Digital Media Strategists are certified in Snapchat Advertising and can recommend the best way to achieve your desired results. We work closely with clients to develop the best approach and creative strategy. We recommend following Snapchat’s “Three Golden Rules” for creative best practices when designing ads: 

#1 Design Based on Objective

Design creative that supports your business goal. For performance objectives, you can include a swipe-up attachment that directs viewers to your app store page, mobile site, or custom lead generation form. If running an attachment, ensure the image or video acts as a teaser with actionable messaging to incentivize Snapchatters to swipe up.

#2 Build for Mobile Consumption 

Establish your brand moment before the two-second mark to maximize awareness, but avoid opening on a solid frame with a logo or product shot only. Opening with dynamic footage provides an opportunity to hook viewers. 

#3 Style as Native Content

Snapchat ads work best when they don’t feel like ads. On Snapchat, media takes advantage of mobile’s vertical orientation. Snap Ads take up the full screen with sound on. Filters frame a vertical Snap. Lenses provide an immersive vertical experience.Following these creative best practices and partnering with an experienced ad agency, such as EXL Media, is the right solution to achieve your business goals.