Television is a cross-platform medium that delivers both scheduled network programming to the masses, as well as on demand entertainment, as seen below from (cite source?)

Media Planning: Targeting within the Television Ecosystem

When considering television as part of your media mix it comes down to finding the right audience regardless of device.  Opportunities abound to evaluate multi-screen, layered approaches to optimize reach frequency. For instance, OTT (Over the Top) is an increasingly important part of the TV ecosystem, but should be used to complement linear TV, not replace it, considering many popular OTT providers (i.e. Netflix and Amazon Prime) are non-ad supported SVOD programing.

Viewership will vary by market and demographic and now television buys can be targeted to best match a client’s core audience using market qualitative data.

* Sample Market Qualitative.  Apple TV, Roku, etc. Source: Scarborough Research Los Angeles CA 2020 Release 1