Case Study

2019 Campaign


With the continued influx in new residents in Northern California, Capitol Corridor wanted to increase awareness as an environmental, reliable, fun, leisure travel transportation option. Also promoting deals & promotions to all current residents of this area.


Develop a multi-faceted media campaign that maximizes the limited budget across multiple target markets (new residents, seniors, families, students), geographic markets and campaign flights.


An intercity passenger train system that provides a convenient alternative to traveling along the congested I-80, I-880 and I-680 freeways.  Service is provided to commuters and leisure travelers from Auburn to San Jose, California.  Consisting of six transit agencies in eight counties with a designated team managing operations at BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit).  Amtrak operates this third-busiest route in the Amtrak network, which includes Amtrak trains, BART trains and Coach buses for a combined 170-mile rail corridor.


Develop customized campaigns for each target and corresponding offer with measured results.

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Plan Details 

Flight Dates:      January 2019 – June 2019

Media Mix:       Digital Media, Digital Out-Of-Home, Radio

Geo-target:       Counties of Sacramento, Placer, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara, Solano and the City of Davis.

Work with Capitol Corridor and Amtrak web teams to activate tracking media spend to online ticket sales and growth in passenger counts in media-focused cities along the Capitol Corridor routes. 

Target Audiences:  

Media Budget:


Results (2019 compared to 2018)