Case Study

Campaign: Exclusively Yours

Campaign Goals:

Promote new Villas while increasing awareness of the property in their key target market, San Francisco DMA, and growing the Los Angeles DMA market.

Geographic Markets:

San Francisco and Los Angeles DMAs

Target Demographics:

Adults 35-65

HHI $150k+

Corporate and Executive Retreats/Training and Sales Incentive

Engaged Couples

Media Mix:

Digital, Print, Radio, Event Sponsorship.


By leveraging existing agency clients & relationships and expansive knowledge of markets/products, we negotiated an additional 73% in added value media.

We also negotiated a sponsorship with The Mountain Winery summer concert series in Saratoga, California to directly target their VIP concert goers for the 2016 season. EXL Media negotiated a 25% savings to sponsor The Mountain Winery’s prestigious Club Masson. The sponsorship also included numerous added value components and reached roughly 9,750 VIP guests, mainly the tech elites of Silicon Valley.

Overall the campaign received 15 million impressions.

The digital campaign sent over 50,000 clicks to the clients site.

The broadcast which accounted for only 2% of the media budget, delivered 69 GRPS.

RevPAR grew 5.6% while the competitive set dropped 4.0% yielding 10% market share growth.

Overall Website Traffic increased 38%

Traffic from Los Angeles DMA increased 66%

Traffic from San Francisco DMA increased 41%

Overall Website Revenue increased 72%

Revenue from Los Angeles DMA increased 103%

Revenue from San Francisco DMA increased 71%