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What's New

Do you want to keep pace with our newest clients, campaigns and thoughts on the evolution of the media world?  We’ve got you covered with the latest news, milestones and insights from our team.

November 2018

Wendy, Susanna & Lisa attended the 2018 Nevada Governor’s Global Tourism Summit.

November 2018

Wendy attended the Destination Analysts – The State of the American Traveler Mobile Edition.

As of October 2018 96% of American leisure travelers own or regularly use a mobile phone with 64.7% using it to plan travel.

The use of mobile phones to plan trips has nearly tripled in the past three years, up to 23.4%.  Once traveling this number increases to 45.6%

Over half of travelers (54.3%) use their mobile phone to find travel inspiration.

November 2018

Wendy received the following letter from Wally Murray, President/CEO of Greater Nevada Credit Union in response to our support of their annual all-employee event.

“We at Greater Nevada truly value the relationships we have with companies like EXL Media and understand that any success we can achieve is largely attributable to selecting business partners that not only can provide the products and services we desire, but who also share our values, one of which is to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of our people.  Your willingness to support our employees in this way shows that EXL Media is a company that also recognizes that, as we like to think of it, GREATER companies are first and foremost built on GREATER people.”

August 2018

Kami attended Grow with Google in Reno

July – October 2018

Reno Sparks Convention and Visitor Authority Consumer Campaign

Market: Los Angeles (LAX)

Out-of-Home mixing static with digital media

Targeting departing gates to Reno-Tahoe and competing destinations

July 2018

Jennifer joined the Facebook Business Insights Panel

June 2018

Wendy attended the 2018 OBIE Awards

The RSCVA was a finalist in the Transportation, Travel & Tourism Category

May 2018

Wendy & Jennifer attended the California Travel Association – Cal Travel Summit; San Diego, California

May 2018

Jennifer, Susanna & Kami attended the SDX Interactive Day; San Diego, California

February 2018
Jennifer attended the Waze Live for Agencies Webinar on 2/27/18

January 2018
Lisa attended Strata’s Insider Series – Pandora’s Definitive Guide to Audio

November, 2017
New Account
Creative Mint Account: Nuix

November, 2017
New Account
The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe

October 13, 2017
New Account
Washoe County Health District

October, 2017
Wendy attended eTourism Summit

June, 2017
Wendy attended CalTravel Summit

May, 2017
Jennifer attended Interactive Day San Diego

March, 2017
Welcome New Crew: Kami Tersini
Digital Buyer with emphasis on paid search and social