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What's New

July 2020

Over the past few months, many of our clients running out-of-home have been concerned about a drop in impression levels with out-of-home advertising due to COVID-19.  We have been closely monitoring this via our out-of-home subscriber-based software to determine if out-of-home advertising should remain part of our client’s overall media strategy. This software leverages opt-in location data captured daily by two of the largest mobile geolocation data providers. The device data is weighted against current year population. In California, they can obtain minute to minute traffic counts via Caltrans.

Although in March and April, we saw impressions levels drop to as low as 50% in some markets, traffic has continuously increased throughout May & June. Below is an Impression Variation report with the data for May 4th-June 8th, for geographic markets important to our clients. However, we can pull any market and/or time-period requested.

The chart shows the impression variation each week compared to original 2020 forecasted levels.

Example 1:  In Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, impressions were at 65% for the week of May 4th.  Compared to the forecast, they were down 35%. For the week of June 8th, they are at 81.9% so they were only down 18% of forecasted impressions. In some markets, impressions are above the forecasted impressions.

Example 2: In Vallejo-Fairfield impressions are at 125% for the week of June 8th compared to the forecast. For all markets above, for week of June 8th, overall impressions were at 102% of forecasted impressions.

Based on the information that impressions are surpassing (or almost at) what they were projected, out-of-home media should remain an integral part of 2020 media campaigns.

In addition to Impressions Variation report, we also can pull/receive reports on travel patterns across the US by state and by count.  The report below shows the increase in miles traveled by week from February thru mid-June. You can see that average total miles traveled per day is almost back to pre-stay-at-home time periods.  And most important, there have been 10 consecutive weeks of growth, up 75%.

June 2020

EXL Media obtained the Google Tag Manager Fundamentals certification


May 2020

Lisa analyzed an Ad Age presentation about OTT. Here are her key takeaways:
OTT: What is it & How to Add it to your Marketing Mix

Insights into the importance of over-the-top (OTT) television services in today’s viewing landscape.

 Key Takeaways:

  • OTT should be used with linear TV not in place or it.

  • OTT viewing is up 81% in the past 2 years but only accounts for 17% of time spent with video and 39% of that is not ad supported.

May 2020

Lisa listened to a webinar on Advanced TV buying. Her biggest takeaway is the slide above, as television buying has so many fragmented terms it clarifies which ones are correct to use.


April 2020

Cumulus radio in Reno is running Cumulus Cares campaigns for two of our clients – Wild Island and Greater Nevada Credit Union. Both clients recorded their own messages to inform and support the community.

April 2020

Some takeaways from a Custom Ad Age video our broadcast buyer, Lisa, watched:

OTT: What is it & How to Add it to your Marketing Mix

Insights into the importance of over-the-top (OTT) television services in today’s viewing landscape.

Key Takeaways:

OTT should be used with linear TV not in place or it.

OTT viewing is up 81% in the past 2 years but only accounts for 17% of time spent with video and 39% of that is not ad supported.

April 2020

Check out Business Insider’s latest study on “Which Social Media Platforms Gen Z Check on a Daily Basis”.

When it comes to the favorite social network among US teens, the gap between Snapchat (#1) and Instagram (#2) continues to narrow. As popularity grows, keep an eye out for TikTok as the new emerging social media giant.

April 2020

Here at EXL Media, we feel it is necessary to stay updated on the forefront of advertising. Check out below to see what our staff has been up to:

Jen and Jackie took a webinar from Marin Software Team: COVID-19 Checklist – 10 Questions Digital Marketers Should Be Asking.

Susanna took the Stack Adapt webinar, “How Digital Media Professionals can Best Manage Through These Uncertain Times”.

Lisa watched a webinar hosted by Radio Ink, “How to Help Advertisers Survive the Crisis”. The speaker was Bob Liodice, CEO, Association of National Advertisers (ANA). She also watched a webinar on Advanced TV Buying.

April 2020

EXL Media placed this billboard for our client, Greater Nevada Credit Union. They are running this feel-good message around Reno, Carson City, Fernley and Elko.

March 2020

WebMD is running a free PSA campaign surrounding COVID-19 content for our client, Barton Memorial Hospital.

Big thanks to Rogers Media Company, who covered the recent outdoor printing and installation costs, so Barton could use those dollars for PPE supplies for their employees.

January 2020

EXL Media placed this billboard for the Tahoe Fund to help address a growing problem.


December 2019

The EXL crew has been attending digital workshops during this years holiday season. Knowledge is our greatest asset, and the best gift we can give our clients.

The Most Impactful Google Changes of 2019 and How to Use them in 2020

How to Outsmart SmartBidding?

Jump-start Your Email Marketing: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

November 2019

Part of the EXL Team attended the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau’s Annual Marketing Conference.

EXL Media is proud to have the Google Partner badge, specializing in Search and Display ads.

August/September 2019

Summer is a busy time in the industry but EXL always takes advantage of online learning. Here are a couple of digital seminars we attended.

 • How to Get an A+ in PPC: Using Lessons Learned in 2019 to Ace Google & Facebook in 2020

• Navigate the Platform Wars: How You’re Going to Tackle Amazon, Google and Facebook

May 2019

Wendy attended the annual OAAA (Out-of-home Advertising Association of American) conference in May. The 2019 Nielsen Advertising Study was presented. Above are 3 slides that show how people interact with out-of-home advertising they have seen.

May 2019

Kami, Jen, and Marco attended SDX Collide W/ Tomorrow Conference in San Diego! They had the opportunity to hear some great Keynote speeches by Michelle Poler , who created a hit YouTube Channel for facing 100 fears and creating an empowering company Hello Fears , Oren Aks talked about his experiences as the Creative Director for the viral documentary on Netflix and Hulu called FYRE FESTIVAL, A great presentation by Steve Babcock from VaynerMedia who provided some great feedback for social media, volume of content creation, the importance momentum, knowing your role, know your audience, and more importantly ” an average person is subject to 4,000 – 10,000 ads each day, No one cares what you think they care about. Make the right people care, in the right place, at the right time.”- Steve Babcock

May 2019

EXL Media crew had the opportunity to play in the Estipona Group Putt-Putt Classic Charity Event. We played 18 holes with a score of 1 over par. “The Bogey Bear Bunch” look forward to playing in next years event and chasing the Best Dressed Award. 

April 2019

Another great webinar:  Google Ads Industry Benchmarks: Where You Stand, Why It Matters, And What To Do Now

April 2019

Congratulations to EXL Media Owner, Wendy Hummer, for being selected as one of the judges for Sierra Nevada College’s 2019 Jim and Jan Steinmann Business Plan Competition 

This year’s competition will be held on April 23, 2019, in the Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences, on the SNC Campus, 999 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village Nevada, at 5:30pm.


March 2019

EXL Media retains IVIGID after they went to RFP. IVGID has been a long standing client for more than 20 years. Thank you IVGID for being such an enjoyable and rewarding account to work with.

March 2019

Marco passed Facebook Blueprint Certification

March 2019

Wendy attended the 2019 Reno Addy Awards with Jennifer Cunningham from the RSCVA.

February 2019

Jennifer attended the Ocean Prime & Cameron Mitchell Restaurants Marketing Summits in Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to the 15 locations across the US, EXL Media will be promoting the new Ocean Prime location opening in Chicago in April.  As well as the 2 new Cameron Mitchell Specialty Restaurants – Del Mar So Cal Kitchen & Lincoln Social opening in Columbus in April.

February 2019

EXL Media is excited to welcome back The Bay Club as a returning account from 2012.

February 2019

EXL Media is proud to announce our new account Irongate.
We are launching a new Four Season resort development campaign for Costa Palmas East Cape in Los Cabos, Mexico.

February 2019

Wendy enjoying a meeting with Catalina Express.

February 2019

Wendy joins the NLTRA Tourism Development Committee to guide regional marketing and PR efforts.

January 2019

EXL Media Retreat hosted at Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, NV.

January 2019

Annual get together with our RSCVA friends.


November 2018

Wendy, Susanna & Lisa attended the 2018 Nevada Governor’s Global Tourism Summit.

November 2018

Wendy attended the Destination Analysts – The State of the American Traveler Mobile Edition.

As of October 2018 96% of American leisure travelers own or regularly use a mobile phone with 64.7% using it to plan travel.

The use of mobile phones to plan trips has nearly tripled in the past three years, up to 23.4%.  Once traveling this number increases to 45.6%

Over half of travelers (54.3%) use their mobile phone to find travel inspiration.

November 2018

Wendy received the following letter from Wally Murray, President/CEO of Greater Nevada Credit Union in response to our support of their annual all-employee event.

“We at Greater Nevada truly value the relationships we have with companies like EXL Media and understand that any success we can achieve is largely attributable to selecting business partners that not only can provide the products and services we desire, but who also share our values, one of which is to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of our people.  Your willingness to support our employees in this way shows that EXL Media is a company that also recognizes that, as we like to think of it, GREATER companies are first and foremost built on GREATER people.”

August 2018

Kami attended Grow with Google in Reno

July - October 2018

Reno Sparks Convention and Visitor Authority Consumer Campaign

Market: Los Angeles (LAX)

Out-of-Home mixing static with digital media

Targeting departing gates to Reno-Tahoe and competing destinations

July 2018

Jennifer joined the Facebook Business Insights Panel

June 2018

Wendy attended the 2018 OBIE Awards

The RSCVA was a finalist in the Transportation, Travel & Tourism Category

May 2018

Wendy & Jennifer attended the California Travel Association – Cal Travel Summit; San Diego, California

May 2018

Jennifer, Susanna & Kami attended the SDX Interactive Day; San Diego, California

February 2018

Jennifer attended the Waze Live for Agencies Webinar on 2/27/18

January 2018

Lisa attended Strata’s Insider Series – Pandora’s Definitive Guide to Audio

2017 At EXL Media

November, 2017


New Account
Creative Mint Account: Nuix

November, 2017

Edgewood Tahoe

New Account
The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe

October 13, 2017

Washoe County Health

New Account
Washoe County Health District

October, 2017

Wendy attended eTourism Summit

June, 2017

Wendy attended CalTravel Summit

May, 2017

Jennifer attended Interactive Day San Diego

March, 2017

Welcome New Crew: Kami Tersini
Digital Buyer with emphasis on paid search and social