Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority – Innovative Program

Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority – Innovative Program

“Eat See Play” – Cold War Kids

EXL Media worked with CBS Local Media to customize an innovative program for the RSCVA based on CBS’ “Eat See Play” program for which CBS secures a musical talent to visit a destination and then promotes their experience via digital and video media through CBS media channels,  including “Eat See Play”.

Members of the band Cold War Kids visited Reno-Tahoe in May 2017. From this visit CBS created a three-story segment of their experience narrated by the Cold War Kids.

+Media Planning
+Media Reporting
+Social Media
+Radio Spots
+Multiple digital ad components
+Enter to Win

Rather than accepting a talent from a CBS provided list, EXL Media gave a preferred list of talent based on the premise that they would be playing in Reno-Tahoe during the consumer campaign flight dates (May – October 2017) and that they aligned with the target demographics. CBS then went out and pitched the requested talent.  The Cold War Kids were selected by EXL Media and approved by RSCVA staff.

Integration of traditional and digital media: EXL Media required that broadcast and streaming radio be added to the proposal as part of the initial program cost on stations that aligned with the RSCVA’s target demographics. CBS did not include radio in their initial proposal. 

EXL Media required that all media run in the three RSCVA target markets
(Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles).

Tactical methodology for tracking the program: EXL Media required that the digital and radio media buy portion of the program had to be contracted based on EXL Media’s established campaign cpc/cpm guidelines and deliver a required number of impressions/clicks/social engagements. All media placements were tracked by EXL Media’s tracking software (DoubleClick) and met our campaign delivery goals.

EXL required that the content had to follow the RSCVA’s brand guidelines.

Program  Summary

Contracted Spend Cost: $200,000

Delivered Value: $343,715 (71.8%)


  • 16.2 million impressions
  • 570 radio spots
  • 32,000 clicks to
  • 2.61 million completed video views
  • 1,335 social media reactions