Mass Media

Mass Media

Traditional Media. Untraditional Results.

Just like the digital landscape, traditional media is being transformed. We take an innovate approach to traditional media to stay ahead of these trends. We deliver uncommon results from our traditional media buys. Whether it is negotiating prime exposure on an affordable budget, narrowing the focus of a campaign to specific markets, or thinking completely outside of the box within a traditional media budget. We focus on a traditional media approach that moves the needle for our clients.

Broadcast: Captivate with Content in Motion.

We live in a visual world. We consume more video than ever before, and it impacts us like never before. Our digital world allows us to reach across platforms and influence mobile, digital and traditional audiences. We use our deep knowledge of TV, digital and radio markets across the U.S. to deliver precise targeting and careful tracking. The result is a broadcast message that reaches an audience already primed to take action.

Broadcast still represents the biggest reach for most brands, especially when deployed in a channel agnostic approach that reaches both television audience and digital streaming viewers in one cohesive campaign.

How Do We Do It? >

Broadcast media buys encompass radio, video and TV across multiple devices and channels. Because we are passionate about reaching your target market, our broadcast media buys are based on a cost per gross rating point (GRP) rather than a cost per spot basis. 

At EXL Media, we make sure you are getting what you pay for to reach your target market.  If you purchase by spot, you may or may not adequately reach your target.


  • When selecting dayparts and programs, we take into consideration historical performance, seasonal viewing habits, and quantitative and qualitative research. EXL Media subscribes to Nielsen TV.
  • With the broad use of digital TV, viewers are using multiple devices, including computers, tablets and TV sets.
  • Viewers are accessing programing through various sources such as Network TV, Cable, HULU, and Apple TV.
  • They are also using multiple devices while watching TV in their homes. We are working with vendors to deliver your ads across multiple devices concurrently.

At EXL Media we are monitoring and testing these expanded broadcast viewing habits.


Cable television is often used to increase frequency and further target your market, as it allows you to narrow your audience geographically within a TV marketplace. By using qualitative research, specific networks are selected to meet the psychographic target.


EXL Media subscribes to Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron), which helps us to determine the audience delivery both qualitatively and quantitatively. EXL Media will look for stations that reach your identified demographic, and we will deliver added value promotions to fit your specific objectives.

Although radio stations are still the largest audience listenership, music and entertainment can be consumed across multiple platforms. It is no longer considered “radio buying”, but rather “audio buying”.  With the onset of digital radio and other options, such as Pandora and Spotify, EXL Media can pinpoint buys to smaller geographic areas than with traditional radio buys. Audio placements now include banner placements, through which consumers can readily react to the advertisement.

Out of Home: We Go Beyond Billboards.

We’re not an agency that throws a check at a billboard company and calls it a day. We carefully consider the audience and plan out the perfect location for your message — whether it be an airport terminal, conference center or road-side billboard. Our intimate knowledge of Out of Home placement locations allows us to deliver the highest reach and most precise targeting possible.

How Do We Do It? >

Out of Home encompasses much more than just the billboard advertising you drive by every day, including:

  • Airports
  • Malls
  • Conference Centers
  • Entertainment/Sporting Venues

Out of Home is an advertising medium that targets consumers when they are on the move in public places and is placed based on EOI (Eyes on Impressions).

EXL Media can purchase Out of Home based on target GRPs and provide R/F reports against your target market.

Does the location reach a high concentration of the target market? Is it visually effective? The EXL Media team drives proposed locations to ensure they are visually appealing.

Print/Specialty: Ink Reimagined.

The heyday of print may have passed, but that does not mean the medium is dead.  For certain audiences and certain brands, print can be a powerful influencer. We specifically vet each print placement for reach, audience and influence. And we think creatively across consumer, trade, specialty and digital magazines.

How Do We Do It? >

Print Media buys include newspapers, consumer magazines and trade publications, both traditional and digital.

Print provides the capability to target very specific target markets and align your message with targeted content.

Before EXL Media ever recommends or buys a print publication, we analyze its ability to reach your target market for the lowest possible investment.

We negotiate not only the rates, but also your ad placement within the publication. We explore content and digital integration as well.

Consumers are increasingly reading their favorite publications online. Publishers offer combined print and electronic ad placements and digital-only placements in some cases.